We are inflating the birth balls, stacking the diapers, and getting everything ready to bring you childbirth workshops soon!

Childbirth classes will be between one and two hours each, and will be available at multiple locations on multiple dates so you can attend any class that’s best for you and your schedule. Learn what you want, when you want, short and simple. We’ll be covering the birth process, coping skills, labor support, your medical options, epidurals, cesarean section, immediate postpartum, infant care, and more! If you would like to have personal childbirth education classes in your home, send an email to opentobirth@gmail.com to schedule your sessions.

Childbirth Education Bundle Prices:

All the Classes (per pair) $340 (You Save $60)
All the Classes (per person) $200 (You Save $50)
  • Doula Services are offered at the discounted price when combined with one or more Bundle options.
  • You can attend any class on your own or as a pair on any date convenient that is for you.

Per Pair Reservation:
Any two people are invited to classes – Mom & Dad, Mom & Doula, Mom & Her Family Member or Friend, Dad & His Family Member or Friend, etc.

Discount options can be found here

Childbirth Class Prices:

2 Seats(Mom +1) 1 Seat
How Childbirth Works $80 $50
Coping & Support $80 $50
Infant Care $60 $40
Medical Interventions $100 $60
Cesarean Section $80 $50