Many women feel guilty about pampering themselves, but at Open To Birth, we are all about making informed decisions that make you and your family healthy and happy. Evidence shows that prenatal and postpartum massage supports the health of the body, the balance of hormones, and assists the body as it changes, both before and after baby. Pregnancy massage and postpartum massage are therapeutic practices, which encourage a mother’s self-care & relaxation. Many physical, mental, and emotional changes take place over the course of pregnancy, childbirth, and new parenthood. Maternity massage time allows a woman with child to pay attention to her own personal needs, an opportunity to relax, and encourages health-full-ness.



 Benefits of prenatal massage:

  • relieves pain from knots & tight spots
  • reduces swelling
  • enriches muscle tissue with oxygen & nutrients
  • flushes toxins & wastes
  • improves mother’s & baby’s blood flow & tissue health
  • promotes relaxation
  • reduces stress
  • increases circulation
  • encourages hormone secretions which help support a healthy pregnancy
  • lowers blood-pressure
  • lowers heart rate
  • stimulates the mother’s brain to produce positive effects in all body systems
  • improves mother’s respiratory functions
  • stimulates production of food absorption hormones & improves the body’s use of nutrients

WebBenefits of postpartum massage:

  • relieves aches & discomforts
  • assists with weight-loss
  • reduces stress
  • assists the internal organs’ transition back to pre-pregnancy
  • encourages relaxation
  • improves flow of oxygen which promotes healing
  • relieves hip discomforts due to the changes in the hips from pregnancy through childbirth
  • relieves tension in neck & shoulders due to breastfeeding
  • encourages release of toxins & wastes
  • helps tone muscles
  • encourages release of oxytocin which promotes the flow of breastmilk
  • may speed recovery from both vaginal & cesarean birth
  • lightens the appearance of cesarean scar with massage directly applied to fully healed incision site
  • increases circulation
  • may help reduce cramps or spasms
  • improves immunity by encouraging lymph flow
  • assists in balancing the body and emotions by promoting healing & rest